disclaimers & anouncements

Implications Of late or non Payement.

In the event that an arrears amount exists on your account due to non-payment or late payment, the interest rate applicable to such amount in arrears shall not exceed the maximum interest rate applicable to your agreement under the NCA. Futhermore should you fail to make any payment punctually, the full outstanding amount due in terms of this agreement will immediately become due and payable (which amount includes but are not limited to: the loan balance, interest, arrear interest, charges and or other administrative costs, legal fees or any other monies owing against the outstanding loan amount). In the event of such default the agreement will be cancelled with immediate effect.

1. Easy Money Cash Loans shall advise you in writing that you are in default and propose that you refer the agreement to a debt counsellor, alternative dispute resolution agent, consumer court or ombud with jurisdiction, in order to resolve any dispute under the agreement or agree on a plan to bring the payments up to date;
2. if you have been in default for at least 20 business days and at least 10 business days have elapsed since Easy Money Cash Loans sent you notice and you have not responded to the notice, or have responded by rejecting Easy Money Cash Loans proposals, Easy Money Cash Loans may approach a court for an order to enforce the agreement;
3. you may, at any time after the notices as described in 1. and 2. have been delivered to you, and in the sole discretion of Easy Money Cash Loans agree to re-instate the agreement by paying to Easy Money Cash Loans all overdue amounts together with Easy Money Cash Loans permitted default charges and costs which may include but are not limited to default administration and collection costs, of enforcing the agreement up to the time of re-instatement.

Policy On Responsible lending

Loan Renewal Policy

Should you request Easy Money Cash Loans to re-renew your loan repayment and Easy Money Cash Loans agrees to this, all the terms and conditions of the agreement will apply to the re-newed debt. The decision to re-new the debt is entirely at Easy Money Cash Loans discretion.